ADNOC’s ICV program was launched in January 2018 and was designed to encourage private-sector partnerships and opportunities resulting from the ADNOC’s 2030 growth strategy, catalyse socio-economic development, improve knowledge transfer and generate employment opportunities for UAE nationals. It reinforces ADNOC’s unwavering commitment to supporting local businesses and its role in driving economic diversification and GDP growth.

Information to Suppliers:

ICV program accommodate all suppliers in UAE. The evaluation will examine the capabilities of your business within UAE in areas including:

Goods Manufactured in UAE


Exports of Goods & Services from UAE


Third party spend (Procurement of goods and Sub-contractors)


Local investment


Emiratization of workforce


Expatriate contribution


While it is not compulsory to hold an ICV certificate to participate in ADNOC Group tender, suppliers that have an ICV certificate will have advantage during the tendering process. Suppliers without the certificate will be considered to have 0% ICV and may be at disadvantage as compared to the suppliers with better ICV score.

Key considerations for suppliers:

  • Suppliers can refer to Supplier Submission guidelines for assistance in completing the template.
  • To complete the supplier submission template and improve the ICV score, suppliers may need to reach out to their suppliers to obtain their ICV certificates.
  • Supplier shall appoint one of the ICV certifying body who will perform the necessary procedures as prescribed by ADNOC and issue ICV certificate with a validity of 18 months.

How CROWE can help:

As part of implementation of this program, ADNOC has appointed Crowe Mak as one of the Certifying Body to confirm the information in the supplier submission template and issue the ICV certificate. Crowe Mak is proud to work with ADNOC in successful implementation of this program.

Kindly reach out to our ICV team to discuss as how Crowe Mak can support in issuance of this Certificate.

Contact our team for further support at