Getting Ready For Emara Tax

UAE - Getting Ready For Emara Tax

Getting Ready For Emara Tax

In this edition, we introduce EmaraTax. More updates will follow in due course once EmaraTax is launched.


The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) announced the launching of a new integrated platform called EmaraTax.


This is aimed to enhance the way taxpayers access the FTA’s services, pay their taxes and obtain refunds, and allows the FTA to improve its tax administration.


This is expected to be implemented by the end of November 2022, but exact launch date will be announced soon.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Dashboard and new functions improving communications with the FTA through the portal
  2. Single profile for managing different personas
  3. Various enhancements in registration such as automatic registration and reactivation of deregistered TRN
  4. VAT Administrative Exception application function
  5. Offline utility to prepare and upload returns
  6. Option to view and compare versions of returns
  7. Improvements in the refund functions, making available new types of refund applications through the portal
  8. Consolidated VAT refund request for multiple returns
  9. Select taxes or penalties to make payment against, and option to view breakdown of percentage-based penalties
  10. Display of overdue and outstanding liabilities with transaction history details
  11. GIBAN payments shall be made against a specific reference number
  12. Advance payments allowed for upcoming VAT return
  13. Various digital integrations, such as integration with UAE Pass and introduction of a Smart App

For existing users, the account history will be automatically transferred to EmaraTax when the system launches. EmaraTax will include all features of the legacy system.

Next steps:

  • Join one of the Webinars conducted by the FTA to discuss the new features of EmaraTax
  • Stay updated with on the walkthrough videos, FAQs and other materials available at the EmaraTax Microsite
  • Raise your questions using the “Add a Question” function in the EmaraTax Microsite
  • Users should ensure accuracy of data in the legacy system as it will be automatically migrated to EmaraTax.

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