Certificate In FATCA & CRS Specialist - FCS

Certificate In FATCA & CRS Specialist - FCS

This program will assist you in understanding FATCA & CRS and how exactly you can implement their requirements, including Registration, Documentation, Due diligence, Implementation, and reporting. Everything is explained easily in detail and followed with examples and case studies.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding CRS
  • FATCA & CRS in Practice.
  • Documentation.
  • Reporting

Targeted Audience:

FATCA Responsible Officers, and Customer relations in the Banking Industry, Insurance & reinsurance companies, Brokerage agencies, Other Depository Institutions, Workers at Supervisory authorities (i.e., Central Banks, Tax & Treasury Department, Financial Sector Regulatory Authorities, Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) Ministries, and government bodies others), Workers in the (IT solution firms) who provide FATCA & CRS solutions, Tax Consultants & Lawyers.