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Human Capital Advisory

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Our Purpose


We are purpose built to provide an innovative approach to support companies achieve their Human Capital objectives, from how it acquires talent, how it supports that talent, and how that talent optimises its leadership and performance management.

We take pride in our comprehensive organisational development service that encapsulates the foundation of effective and efficient management of human capital. This includes components such as competency framework design, talent management, learning & development, leadership development, organisational design, recruitment & selection, career development, and many more.

Our aim is to become long-term trusted advisors to our clients. To this end, we are focused on helping our clients make smart decisions that create lasting value.

Crowe’s Competency Framework Development initiative proposes how our process can enable the successful execution of a company’s strategic objectives regarding human capital. The successful execution of this partnership will enable them to make accurate decisions pertaining to the Recruitment, Development and Retention of talent, and to effectively engage in the digitization and automation transformation journey.

Our people and values-driven culture set us apart. Our team of multi-cultural experts come from various industries, they understand the complexities of business and can advise with knowledge. We collaborate across our company disciplines to help you fulfill the vision of your business. We provide advice, guidance, and oversight to executives, human resources departments, and managers. This can include sharing strategies to improve efficiency, drive revenue growth, and retain talented employees through our development programs.

Crowe makes use of a collaborative approach between us, our international partners and the client. Combining the knowledge and experience of both Crowe as well as the company, we will ensure that the processes, solutions and interventions identified are targeted to specific problems that a company is experiencing, making it much more effective and sustainable.

Our Organizational consultants are responsible for enhancing the workplace based on research and the application of psychology principles. Working closely with clients to design their organizational structures, roles and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people and advise them on how to reward, develop and motivate their workforce.


Solutions offered:

  • Organizational Strategy / Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Assessment and succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent Management


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