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Additional measures for economic development identified

Author: UzDaily
mat of the Russian Federation

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a videoconference on 14 March on sustainable economic development and transformation of state-owned enterprises.

As you know, in order to develop a market economy and improve the competitive environment in our country, state-owned enterprises are being transformed. Issues of accelerating transformational processes and privatization of state assets were discussed at the meeting.

In particular, the meeting pointed to the slow pace of improving operational efficiency at 25 state-owned enterprises. The necessity of a complete rejection of the practice of state support for enterprises that do not meet modern requirements and operate at a loss is emphasized.

The state of affairs in the field of transport was also considered. Measures have been identified to increase the flow of transit passengers, simplify the system for issuing permits for charter flights, and turn local airports into regional transit hubs.

The national airline "Uzbekistan Airways" pointed out the need to introduce modern approaches to work in conditions of free competition and prevent an increase in air ticket prices.

The meeting analyzed the expected results in the economy in the first quarter of this year. Particular attention was paid to the commissioning of new enterprises and the creation of jobs, increasing incomes and social support for the population.

Khokims and heads of industries were instructed not to allow the promotion of economically unjustified projects. The task was set to strengthen control over the implementation of socio-economic programs and to study the compliance of investment projects with the criteria of a market economy.

During the discussion of export issues, it was instructed to promptly resolve transport and logistics issues, taking into account the current situation in the foreign market, expand the geography of exports and supply products to new markets.

Khokims of the regions reported on the implementation of tasks to ensure food security and price stability in the markets.

Issues of socio-economic development of Ferghana and Surkhandarya regions were also discussed. The reports of the khokims of these regions were heard on the measures taken to expand industrial production, establish new export routes and provide employment for the population.