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Outsourcing of accounting, payroll, tax calculation, internal control, secretarial and administration services   

Outsourcing services 

Shall you think about outsourcing?

  • Are you spending more time trying to manage your books than your business? Do you spend some hours during week on postal and routine work but do not want to employ a personal secretary

Advantages of outsourcing

The outsourcing of accounting and secretarial services is an alternative to hiring full -time employees. This especially affordable for new companies, holding and investments companies, IT and software developers, real estate agencies and professional services providers.  Mid-size and large companies find it reasonable to delegate some part of accounting, e.g. payroll or tax calculation, due to internal control policies or a lack of internal competence.

The general advantages are:

  • Having accurate accounting of your books will allow you to make more informed decisions concerning your business.
  • Charges based on hours billed might be lower than monthly salary and social taxes paid for full time employee.
  • You have a better guarantee that service will continue compared to purchase  of service from free-lancers
  • Skilled accountants and secretary,  whose knowledge is being updated on permanent basis
  • Accountants may ask for assistance in complex issues from seniors or auditors
  • You will get an option to hire virtual office in some jurisdiction together with accounting or/and secretarial services   
  • Are your company is a start-up which does not generate enough incomes to hire an office and employ secretary and bookkeeper?
  • If answered "Yes“ to some of the above questions you have to read more about advantages of outsourcing that might make your life simpler and cut unnecessary costs.  

Our services

  • Preparing of general ledger, sales and purchase ledgers, stock and payroll accounting
  • Preparing of consolidated accounts and group reporting packages  (including IFRS)
  • Reports to management including key performance indicators and noteworthy issues
  • Tax accounting for representative offices and permanent establishments  
  • Financial and fiscal annual, monthly and quarter reporting
  • Consulting on accounting, job and taxation issues
  • HR and IT administration functions