Corporate Social Responsibility

Crowe Taiwan

Campus Recruitment

We offer employment seminars in many universities and recruit university graduates who want to become professional accountants or auditors.

Internship Opportunities

We regularly provide internship opportunities for accounting students in various institutions, so that they can accumulate more practical work experience.

Workshop Activities

We conduct accounting related workshop at schools, our offices, or government agencies such as public libraries to deepen the general public's understanding of accounting.

Environmental Protection

We enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection and actively respond to various green activities by encouraging employee to utilize reusable shopping bags, chopsticks, and other eco-friendly products. In the course of business operations, we aim to reduce harm to the environment. In particular, electronic bills are used to replace traditional paper bills.

Support Public Welfare

We care about the disadvantaged groups and donate necessities to various social welfare organizations. Particularly we are concerned about vulnerable children and elderly people or adolescents, people with physical and mental disabilities, and disadvantaged women, and we participate in community services from time to time.