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New Online Tax System in Qatar

International Perspectives

Dhareeba - New Online Tax System in Qatar

On June 30, 2020, General Tax Authority (GTA) announced the new tax administration system – Dhareeba. This new tax system uses an integrated digital platform to provide tax services efficiently, safely, and easily by connecting the GTA with its relevant government agency partners and taxpayers. Dhareeba features online tax management with improved integrated services and ease of administration. Starting July 1, 2020, all taxpayers and tax agents are required to register on the new tax portal. GTA announced the shutdown of the old Tax Administration System (TAS) on October 28, 2020. All tax data and services are now available through Dhareeba Tax Portal starting from November 1, 2020.

Tax Returns – Dhareeba registered users can remotely manage, calculate, and review declarations for various types of taxes such as income tax, withholding tax and capital gains tax.

The tax portal allows taxpayers to accomplish their Income Tax Return with the applicable method of tax determination (e.g., Accrual Basis, Cash Basis Method, 70% Gross Revenue Method or Simplified Return Method) using single tax rate or multiple tax rates. The use of multiple tax rates is applicable for companies using Accrual Basis. 

Dhareeba also enables taxpayers to submit their withholding tax and capital gains tax declarations online. Taxpayers are provided with an option to conveniently settle their obligations using bank transfers or debit and credit cards which are accessible directly through the portal.

Transfer Pricing  - The transfer pricing filing requirements which include the submission of Statement of Transfer Pricing, Master File and Local File Notification and Country-by-Country (CBC) Reporting were introduced following the Executive Regulations (ERs) of the Income Tax Law No 24 of 2018. Specific forms are introduced by the GTA to enable taxpayers, who have a related local or foreign entity, total amount of assets and total revenue exceeding certain thresholds determined by GTA, to submit the required files within respective deadlines.

Contracts Notification – Ministries and other governmental bodies, public authorities and corporations and companies shall notify the GTA of contracts, agreements, and dealings they have entered if their amount exceeds the limits provided in the Executive Regulations in the New Tax Law.

The contracting parties must declare the contract details to GTA within  30 days from the date of the execution of the contract or agreement or from the date of the request from authorities.

Excise Tax – Following the issuance of Law No. 25 for the year 2018 and as of January 1, 2019, Qatar introduced new excise tax on specific products such as tobacco, carbonated and energy drinks and special purpose goods. Companies that produce or import such goods, including persons intending to operate tax warehouses are required to register, file returns, and pay the excise tax that has been collected from the final consumers for the tax authorities. The cost of the excise tax, as a consumption tax, is ultimately borne by the final consumers. Excise tax is due once the excise goods are released for consumption.

Other Online Services – The tax portal also provides taxpayers access to separate modules for other requests, notifications, and services such as change of accounting method, request for special depreciation rates and tax warehouse registrations.

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