Adib Al Chaa

Managing Partner
Adib Al Chaa
Adib Al-Chaa, Managing Partner
Adib Al Chaa has more than 35 years of experience in the Accounting and Auditing fields. He has worked at major international 
accounting and auditing firms. He is the founding-partner of Dawoud & Co., which he started in Qatar in 1990, with the other 
partner (Dawoud Odesh Dawoud) in charge of the UK office. He was the manager responsible for the overall operation, from hiring 
staff and getting new clients, for auditing, consulting including restructuring companies, feasibility studies, reviewing local 
and international investments and performing accounting works. His previous experience includes working as Auditor for Emirates 
Telecommunications and with Ernst & Young.
Adib Al Chaa is registered as an accounting expert with the local Qatari authorities since 1994 under number 85. He has 
certifications in Accounting, Auditing and Business Administration. He regularly attends the annual and regional meetings of 
Crowe Global as well as many local seminars and workshops. 
He handles Consultancy assignments including, Advisory, Risk Assessment, Operating Procedures and Systems setups. He manages a group of 25 qualified accountants and auditors. The companies’ clients include over 300 local and international companies, 
making this company ranked within the top 10 firms in Qatar out of 50 firms. He acts as a personnel advisor for large local 
companies and controls and performs the final review over the work of all staff.
Main Phone: 00974-44422211