Ignacio Javier Chavez Borrego

C.P.C. Ignacio Javier Chávez Borrego

Tax Partner
Leon Office
Serves various companies in the area of manufacturing, commerce and services.
Ignacio is a member of the Association of Public Accountants of León, A.C., where he has held various positions on its Board of Directors. He has also participated since 1994 as a member of the Fiscal Commission (of which he was its President).
He is an active member of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, A.C. (IMCP), where he is currently a member of the Regional Tax Commission of the Central West Zone, which covers 9 states of the country.
Ignacio is an active and founding partner of the National Association of Tax Specialists, A.C. (ANEFAC) Delegation Guanajuato, of which he was its President and is currently part of its Board of Directors.
His teaching activity is developed as a professor in the Fiscal Master's Program at the University of Professional Studies of Sciences and Arts in León, Gto. He also participates as an exhibitor and lecturer in courses and courses taught in different Federated Schools at the IMCP, as well as in various public and private forums.