About us

Gossler, S.C. is the representative company in Mexico of Crowe Horwath International, which makes it part of one of the largest and most prestigious international associations in the world.
We Care
Integrity, mutual respect, trust and diversity, combined with highly valuable personal and professional relationships are the values that our Firm adopts to work with its members and with local and international business communities.
We Share
Teamwork, mutual achievement of opportunities, joint commitment, contribution to the mission, vision, strategy and goal of the organization are values that our Firm adopts to build value for its members.
We Invest
Continuous learning, adaptability, specialized innovation, impeccable customer service, unwavering commitment to excellence and consistent high quality service are values that our Firm adopts to build value with its members and customers.
We Grow
The growth in quality of its local and international businesses along with financial strength, are the aspects that determine the value of our international organization and the freedom that Crowe Horwath wishes to set in his future.

Our offices

We serve annually more than 3,600 clients through our network of 30 offices, strategically distributed throughout the national territory.

Our people

Our professionals keep their word: more than 70 years of experience, growth and professional delivery support us.