Felix Gustavo Rojas Salazar

C.P.C. Félix Gustavo Rojas Salazar

Audit Partner
Mexico Office - Satelite
He collaborates in the practice of Auditing in Mexico office, D.F. since 1982, where it serves agroindustrial, commercial and construction services clients, financial, outsourcing, among others.
He is a graduate of the School of Accounting and Administration of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he was a professor of Audit Certification Seminar. He is a member of the Association of Public Accountants of Mexico, A.C., and of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants, A.C.
He has been an exhibitor of audit topics in the Public Accountants Association of Mexico, A.C., in the Public Accountants Association of Morelos, A.C., as well as in the annual training programs of the Firm.