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Crowe Sakura & Co.

As a group of certified public/tax accountants and real estate appraisers, we specialize in boosting asset value in a global business environment that is constantly changing. Our clients receive streamlined services that deliver comprehensive and trustworthy results.


Group History

July 1988
Sakura Horwath & Co. established.

June 1998
We become a Member of global accounting firm, Horwath International.

December 1998
Urawa (now Saitama) office opens.

September 1999
Tokyo SPC Services established.

June 2001
Osaka office opens.

November 2018
Crowe Sakura & Co. established.


Shigeru Sugimoto (CPACertified Tax AccountantReal Estate Appraiser)

Representative of Crowe Sakura & Co.

Turning business Around
A business revival strategy benefits not only an enterprise that has collapsed but also one that must strengthen its competitiveness and value in an economic slump. The accounting and tax specialists of Crowe Sakura & Co. will support the presentation and execution of a prompt, bold and flexible prescription for revival. Let our “insolvency services” professionals develop a rehab plan as well as verify progress in meeting the goals of the plan.
M&A Restructuring
Traditionally global M&A has involved Japanese companies seeking opportunities for acquisition and capital participation with partners overseas. Today, more and more overseas enterprises are initiating capital and business tie-ups with Japanese companies. M&A activity is up within Japan. M&A transactions cannot be expected to go smoothly without effective professional support that responds swiftly to changing circumstances. The accounting, tax, and property-appraisal specialists at Crowe Sakura & Co. tailor their services to clients’ needs including M&A tax and accounting problems, the acquisition or sale of a business, or a transaction, say, for spinning off a business division. This is how we fulfill our No. 1 priority, which is to maximize value for clients. Our own information network within Japan, coupled with that of Crowe International, enables us to facilitate global M&A activity in cooperation with groups of specialists around the world. We also provide comprehensive support for rationalizing management structure, upgrading administration, developing a capital-funds policy, and taking company stock public.
Tax Service

Crowe Sakura & Co. believes that the first thing clients want are reliable and prompt service from their tax accounting agents. So, through our contacts at the National Tax Administration Agency and elsewhere, we stay current on the legislative revisions and applicable texts that have an impact on taxation procedures. We then work out ways to minimize tax risks for clients. We keep track of day-to-day paperwork to ensure that necessary filings reach government agencies on time. It translates to peace of mind for clients. Besides dealing with tax risks accrued from past and current investments and activities, we tackle proposals for hedging future anticipated risks. We view our services as a form of “tax protection.” Our task is to put precautions into effect immediately.

International Services
Globalization of finance continues as entrepreneurs expand business lines overseas, corporations become multinational, and individuals move to other countries. To cope with shifts in this environment, we have affiliated ourselves with the world-class accounting firm Crowe Global. When clients set up operations overseas and make foreign investments, we provide thorough international services through our close contacts with specialists at Crowe Global’s many offices abroad.
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Tokyo Main Office

1-11, Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0051,JAPAN
TEL : 81-(0)3-3292-4444
FAX : 81-(0)3-3292-3606


Publication and research

  • International Master Tax Guide 2007/08
  • International Tax Planning-Corporations
  • International Tax Planning-Expatriates&Migrants