Audit & Assurance


The Audit of financial statements, beyond the legal requirements, is a critical factor in the development of a company and a useful tool in order to succeed in a more complex and sophisticated economic reality. An Audit is more than a guarantee for its stakeholders; it is an indicator for the company of the efficiency of its processes, the effectiveness of its management and of areas for possible improvement.

Crowe approach towards audit is based on a deep knowledge of its client’s activity and risk profile. That approach enables an audit strategy which focuses on critical business areas.

Our main audit services are as follows:

  • Statutory audit, following  the Italian Legislative Decree  n. 39, January  27, 2010, of single or consolidated Financial Statements
  • Voluntary audit of Financial Statements, of interim accounting situations for inside or outside information
  • Reporting package audit
  • Sustainability report audit
  • Limited review
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Support to the Board of Statutory Auditors (Collegi Sindacali) when they are engaged as auditors following  the Italian Legislative Decree  n. 39 27 of January  27, 2010
  • Periodical checks regarding the correctness of the corporate accounting records
  • Fairness opinions
  • Evaluation of the internal controls systems
  • Accounting procedures and monitoring of projects financed with public resources
  • Check of the compliance of the company’s procedures and / or behaviours according to specific laws, reguations or to the requests of supervisory authorities


Crowe is able to support effectively its clients both in the resolution of accounting problems and in the preparation of economic-financial documents destined inside and outside the companies. Our professionals can also assist clients in improving their organizational and accounting management through customized solutions that allow them to obtain reliable, detailed and timely information.

In this context, our main services consist of:

  • Assistance in solving accounting problems
  • Assistance and drafting of financial statements, both consolidated and infra-annual
  • Assistance in drafting social reports
  • Assistance in the conversion / preparation of financial statements to the IAS/IFRS principles
  • Design or adaptation of accounts plans, accounting procedures and manuals
  • Assistance and drafting of internal reports
  • Identification of actions to improve working capital
  • Check-up of the financial situation
  • Examination of the margin of individual products/business units
  • Assistance in implementing management control