Our greatest strength is our ability to understand the strategic needs of our clients combined with the business experience of the professionals we bring to create customized solutions and meet those clients’ needs. 

Our service teams are committed to delivering value to multinational clients doing business across borders. We are part of a truly international network of business experts with whom we share a commitment to delivering technical excellence and the highest standards of client service. 

We invite you to find out more about our services in Audit, Tax, Advisory and Risk. 

We offer several services:

Forensic Accounting
The Audit of financial statements, beyond the legal requirements, is a critical factor in the development of a company and a useful tool in order to succeed in a more complex and sophisticated economic reality.
An Audit is more than a guarantee for its stakeholders; it is an indicator for the company of the efficiency of its processes, the effectiveness of its management and of areas for possible improvement.
Our main audit services are as follows:
  • Statutory audit, following  the Italian Legislative Decree  n. 39, January  27, 2010, of single or consolidated Financial Statements
  • Voluntary audit of Financial Statements, of interim accounting situations for inside or outside information
  • Reporting package audit
  • Sustainability report audit
  • Limited review
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Support to the Board of Statutory Auditors (Collegi Sindacali) when they are engaged as auditors following  the Italian Legislative Decree  n. 39 27 of January  27, 2010
  • Periodical checks regarding the correctness of the corporate accounting records
  • Fairness opinions
  • Evaluation of the internal controls systems
  • Accounting procedures and monitoring of projects financed with public resources
Forensic Accounting
Due to the increasing globalization of the markets, the chance that a company could be involved in civil or criminal proceedings is more likely than in the past.
The Crowe Horwath team includes professionals with skills, in different industries such as: auditing, risk consulting, corporate finance and tax. Moreover, some of our professionals hold the international certification of Certified Fraud Examiner issued by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Our experience grew in the Forensic Accounting Services, and together with the invaluable experience of the Crowe Horwath international network, allows us to support companies, law firms and other professionals and to satisfy their needs in a global way.
The forensic services we offer to companies and to their lawyers are as follows:
  • Litigation  
  • Accounting Investigations
  • Fraud Prevention   
  • Transaction Dispute Management 
Crowe Horwath is able to efficiently support companies to improve their business, in the acquisition of new assets and in the routine management of their business.
Crowe Horwath supports companies in the creation of value for the stakeholders: supporting the management in being able to focus on critical risks and opportunities, providing them with services for each type of transaction, supporting them with the aims of strategic targets and with the monitoring of related performances.
A combination of multidisciplinary teams, a worldwide presence and diversified skills allow us to have a global vision of the companies, providing them with a precise support for any need that they might have.
Our main services are as follows:
  • Transaction Services   
  • Mergers & Acquisition  
  • Valuation Services  
  • Support for companies in financial-economic crisis situations
Increasing competition, changes in legislation, the ever growing presence of foreign markets (often with language, cultural and legal barriers), new technologies, and the unpredictability of the financial markets are only some of the risks that companies face in today's global marketplace.
An effective management of risks helps minimize the impact of these factors as well as allows management to take proactive steps to optimize the opportunities they present.
In this sense, companies have already understood that “risk” is not a charge, but on the contrary, if correctly managed, could become a critical factor of success and a source of competitive advantage.
Crowe Horwath is able, also through its international network, to support its clients on a worldwide basis in the management of strategic, financial or operative risks. Crowe Horwath is able to provide its clients with services and projects tailored on the real needs and characteristics of each client, using innovative and cost-effective methodologies.
Crowe Horwath professionals have gathered significant experience in the international consultancy of companies, obtaining the most important professional certifications in the risk consulting field.
The services which Crowe Horwath can offer in the risk consulting area are as follows:
  • Compliance programs
  • Internal Audit  
  • Business Risk Consulting
  • Other risk consulting services

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