PMS Solutions

Performance Management Solutions

Our Performance Management Solutions:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Evaluation and Improvement
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may need to continuously be improved as business strategies and objectives develop over time or more information become available to management. We help you to identify, define, organize and measure KPIs at all three levels in the organization including overall organization, business unit, and individual that directly correspond to the organization’s goals and are most relevant to the critical performance areas of the business. Being equipped with deep knowledge of KPI best practice and access to various libraries of KPIs, we support you to move beyond the more traditional financial KPIs and develop more effective KPIs that are better aligned with organization’s strategies and objectives, and that focus on improving your organization’s overall performance.
  • Performance Management Information System Establishment
Effective KPIs would not mean anything without an appropriate system which monitors the actual performance of the organization against the target. Being armed with our robust performance management software – Crowe Performance Drive, our performance consulting team helps you establish a system which supports the process of measuring, tracking and communicating the outcomes of KPI-based management initiatives. The software provides you with real-time reporting feature and variety of dashboards to ensure optimal monitoring, management, and control of KPIs and supports better data-driven decision making which enables improved organization’s performance.
  • Implementation Program and Advisory on Performance Improvement
Once developing effective KPIs and establishing a reliable performance management information are done, implementation throughout is critical for improving business performance. We help you to identify areas to be improved and advise you on how you should plan on getting to the desired performance level. We also support clients with performance benchmarks against relevant external peer group to ensure more added values are delivered to you. Above all, our teams are committed to helping you in gaining not only one-time improvement but also the sustainability of optimal organization’s overall performance.