Crowe Performance Management Solutions

Aligning the entire elements within your organization for improved, sustained, and leading organizational performance
Every organization requires true alignment, where purpose, strategy, goals, capabilities, and resources strengthen each other in order to achieve success. The alignment will help an organization to provide a more explicit sense of what to do, guide people to move in the right direction, and ultimately help the organization to achieve and sustain market-leading performance improvement. Despite its importance, too often that many executives found it very challenging to make all these elements fit together. Crowe Performance Consulting team can help you to overcome this challenge.

Our strong technical expertise and rigorous approach help you to ensure the alignment, create tiered metrics, employ performance monitoring and management, and define root causes of your overall business performance, business units’ performance, and employees’ individual performance. Specifically, our Performance Management Solutions include:
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Evaluation and Improvement

We help you to identify, define, organize and measure KPIs at all three levels in the organization including overall organization, business unit, and individual that directly correspond to the organization’s goals and are most relevant to the critical performance areas of the business.

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  • Performance Management Information System Establishment

Being armed with our robust performance management software – Crowe Performance Drive, our performance consulting team helps you establish a system which supports the process of measuring, tracking and communicating the outcomes of KPI-based management initiatives. 

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  • Implementation Program and Advisory on Performance Improvement

We help you to identify areas to be improved and advise you on how you should plan on getting to the desired performance level. We also support clients with performance benchmarks against relevant external peer group to ensure more added values are delivered to you.

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