International Desk

International Desk

Our International Desk consists of Japan, Korea, and China Desk which provide a wide range of services for companies looking to set up presence or operations in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and China.

Helping Your Business Grow

Our International Desk consists of Japan Desk, Korea Desk and China desk which provides a wide range of services including incorporation, tax advisory, assurance services and financial due diligence through Japanese, Korean and Chinese-speaking professionals to companies looking to set up presence or operations in Indonesia and Japan, Korea and China and Indonesia.

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With our reputation in providing impeccable service and consistent quality in assurance, tax, risk advisory, accounting, outsourcing and other business advisory services, Crowe will combine the expertise of member firms in Japan, Korea and China and Indonesia to help growing companies enter and perform in their chosen markets confidently, secured in the knowledge of timely and business-focused compliance and advisory services from us.

Helping your businesses grow
Crowe understands the challenges faced by Japanese, Korean and Chinese companies seeking to enter into other Asian markets and vice versa.
Crowe is confident that we can offer a full range of quality and reliable advisory and compliance services to help foreign businesses set up and comply with the requirements in Japan, Korea and China and similarly, for Japanese, Korean and Chinese businesses needing assistance to plan, set up and maintain their operations in Indonesia and beyond.

Range of services
Our advisory services include:

  • Setting up of appropriate business entities
  • Business/tax incentives available
    • advice and application for such incentives
  • Transfer pricing impact analysis and benchmarking report
  • Assistance on labour issues impacting new entity - from application of visa for expatriates, tax advice on expatriate management to payroll service for new entity
  • Liaison with government bodies for incentives and other regulatory compliance issues
  • Financial issues including due diligence involved in cross- border M&A
  • Preparation for IPO
  • Understanding compliance and regulatory requirements of setting up and maintaining operations

Our compliance services include:

  • Preparation and filing of year- end financial statements in compliance with local regulatory requirements
  • Provision of external audit services for local corporate entity
  • Provision of internal audit services for local corporate entity
  • Reporting on any possible weakness in accounting systems and providing recommendations on control areas for improvements
  • Preparation and filing of corporate and individual tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of corporate secretarial documents required under local company law.


Global Corporate Consulting

Global Corporate Advisors

Our experienced international advisors help make deals successful. They can navigate the risks and barriers which range from dealing with different business ethics to unfamiliar legal systems. With the correct advice, international deals can offer improved returns from economies of scale, new target markets for existing products and services, access to commodity materials, and a hedge against seasonality.

Working with Crowe Global Corporate Advisors gives you access to an integrated team of cross-border professionals who also understand their local markets. They know how to share information on risks and opportunities that will help you complete a successful international transaction. And they provide this expertise at a reasonable price.

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International Desk Contacts

Hirofumi Miyoshi
Hirofumi Miyoshi
Japan Desk Partner
Hisae Miyoshi
Hisae Miyoshi
Japan Desk Manager
Richard Zhang
Richard Zhang
China Desk Director