Tax Valuations

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Tax Valuations

Tax valuation is a critical component of any effective tax planning strategy. As government regulatory focus on tax strategies continues to increase, it is important for business to understand the cash and related issues impact of tax valuation early in the assessment of any acquisition or significant tax event. This may require the use of Crowe Horwath Dr. A. M. Hegazy expertise and experience in identifying as early as possible all tax effects.

The success of nearly every corporate transaction, restructuring or financial strategy often depends on accurately accounting for the tax consequences. Tax valuation helps companies understand the impact of the event and how taxing authorities will assess a transaction-before the plans are put into action. The right approach can also help avoid creating an uncertain tax position, which can be a risk if a valuation is too aggressive.

The team in our tax consultant division is capable in helping our client achieve all the benefits related to tax valuations.  

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