Risk Management


Risk Management

The business environment is a complex, ever-changing and includes a lot of risks elements with significant uncertainties. Business enterprises should be prepared to face the imminent challenges that threaten its work effectiveness and efficiency taking into consideration that the implication may be disastrous, the collapse or liquidation of the company. Due to the risk of not maintaining adequate funds to meet its day-to-day operations, it is necessary for an organization to adopt an intelligent approach to identifying financial, technological and management systems which are susceptible to such risks and develop measures to mitigate them  - while maximizing the profitability of the business.

The need for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is more than just a regulatory compliance; it is a process by which potential risks or uncertainties that may affect an entity are analyzed, and suitable measures implemented to manage and control them. Our professional risk assessment strategies are constantly updated and improved to combat the continuously changing market conditions. New opportunities are immediately recognized and exploited while appropriate corporate governance practices are implemented to facilitate better work performance, compliance and maximum profits. Our expertise helps us in strengthening internal and external relationships by assisting our clients to actively engage in the coordination of business processes. By developing a complete understanding on the local market, we align people, processes and systems within the organization to achieve organizational objectives and value to the enterprise.

Our areas of expertise:

  •    Financial risk.
  •    Credit risk assessment.
  •    Supplier risk.     
  •    Market risk.    
  •    Operational risk.
  •    IT / Security risk.
  •    Compliance risk.

How can we help:

  •    Help develop a comprehensive Risk Management Policy Document.
  •    Identify areas prone to risks like Financial risks, Legal risks, Credit risks, Human risks etc, that would affect the entity.
  •    Identify probable risks and analyze their impact on the entity to implement professional solutions to mitigate them.
  •    Implementing Key Risk Management Strategies, including prevention of the same risk in the future.
  •    Prepare Risk manuals that highlight mitigation and remedial measures.

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