Statutory Audit


Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit is a legally required external audit conducted annually to meet a specific set of requirements by the government as well as auditing standards. Auditing includes verifying financial information, documents and assessing risks components in business activities and systems. Scope and nature of audit are subject to the specifications of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and government laws. It involves scrutiny of all transactions recorded in accounts and presented in financial statements related to the business to ensure their reliability and prevent any misrepresentation, misstatements or discrepancies. The findings of a statutory audit are legal and binding and can lead to penalties or fines or both. All registered business enterprises are mandated to undergo statutory audit for the preparation of reliable financial statements. Statutory audit plays a major role in efficiently managing the operations of the company by providing added value recommendations for improvements of the business systems and operations.

The dynamic and ever changing market conditions lead us at Crowe Horwath Dr. A. M. Hegazy & Co. to attain organizational benefits and add value to regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders by offering international professional services in line with the requirements of International Standards on Auditing. Our innovative and exceptionally highly motivated and talented team is committed to undertaking all possible measures to eliminate fraud and stimulate transparency by scrutinizing your financial statements and reporting methodology. Our complete compliance with the local governing laws certifies its accuracy and credibility.

Years of experience and extensive technical knowledge in the various business and industry sectors enable us to communicate with clients regarding business issues and help identify organizational areas susceptible to risks, based upon which we design solutions that mitigate those risks. We help our clients monitor their organizational code of conduct, have regular reviews to assess the quality, economy and efficiency of the operational performance and implement strategies for improvement. Our services are structured to adapt to the nature and size of the organization and guarantee you of a fair and true view of the entity on the financial statements.

As our value added service, we also provide a working guidance on regulatory reporting requirements. The services we offer in this regard cover both listed & unlisted business in different and various industry sectors. 

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