Human Resource Audit


Human Resource Audit

All human resource policies, practices and procedures are reviewed under HR Audits. We have a specialized team of experts who are capable of assessing HR activities and functions. We at Crowe Horwath Dr. A. M. Hegazy & Co. provides our clients with the help needed to enhance and improve HR functions with the aim to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations.

It is our responsibility to assist our clients design and implement an effective and practical HR systems and functions needed for the advancements of the business operations.

The services which we provide for HR include:

  •    Personal interviews of employees, managers and other required personnel.
  •    Developing scoring systems for assessing employees' performance.
  •    Developing HR manuals and policies for practical implementation.
  •    Designing proper salary scales for employees.
  •    Assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing management processes, policies and practices against predetermined standards.
  •    Ascertaining the level of compliance with laws and regulations, industry standards and organizational policies.
  •    Suggesting and implementing corrective measures by identifying policies and procedures that are not followed.
  •    Identifying the need for additional training and retraining of current & prospective employees.
  •    Developing HR auditing procedures that become an ongoing and sustainable element of the organization's internal controls.

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