Agreed Upon Procedure


Agreed Upon Procedure

Agreed-upon procedures are engagements undertaken in accordance with the International Standard on Related Services (ISRS 4400) applicable to agreed-upon procedures, in which an accountant or auditor is engaged to carry out specified procedures designed by an entity or a client or any appropriate third parties, to report on factual findings identified and provided by those parties. Such agreed upon procedures may cover any aspect of the business activities including accounting, financial, system analysis and evaluations or other related issues.

Agreed-upon procedures can also enhance the credibility of the information provided to third parties, such as financial institutions, regulatory agencies, prospective investors by providing additional investigative, analysis and evaluation of various issues associated with the business operations and by providing our recommendation through our agreed upon procedures special reports, we are helping the business enterprises make appropriate and effective decisions.

We provide specialized financial reporting in a variety of situations after carefully and independently verifying and reporting information, such as inspection of documents or transactions for specific characteristics, confirmation of specific information with third parties, or comparison of data to a defined standard. For example, agreed upon procedures may include confirming the reliability of debtors' and creditors' balances, inventory turnover and balances, financial position in light of existing obligations. Many situations are appropriate for agreed-upon procedures, whether the objective is to provide specific information and negative assurance to users within your company or to third parties.

We provide the following services for agreed upon procedures:

  •    Analysis and testing debtors and creditors' balances
  •    Special investigation and assessment of the company's internal control policies
  •    Detailed investigation of the inventory or stock turnover and reliability of its balances
  •    Special study of any matter or issue related/ not related with financial, accounting and other information for the company's business. 

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