Legal Services


Legal Services

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is all about experience, reliability and trust. Our accountants can assist you in your requirements for forensic or investigative auditing.  We can also provide expert evidence and testimony before the law in matters such as insurance claims, personal injury, claims, fraud cased, construction or royalty audits; breach of contract, disagreements relating to company acquisitions, business valuation and assessing professional negligence.

Litigation Support service

We can help you in identifying the most efficient and cost effective ways to manage your litigation. We can help you in:

  •    Providing advice regarding available technology solutions for trial presentations
  •    Finding law-related services for your needs such as document management, appraisals, legal costs, providing attorney/law firm listings.

Company Liquidation

Our services include:

  •    Assistance as a professional liquidator
  •    Dealing with concerned authorities
  •    Documentation support
  •    Final approval


Drafting Commercial Agreements

By offering full service legal document preparation we help you get the required documents quickly, conveniently and in a cost effective manner. Depending on the situation and your requirements we can even file and follow up on submitted documents with the related government agencies.


Often litigation is an expensive and time consuming process. Retaining auditors or accountants as experts reduces the time period and helps in resolving the disputes outside the court room. Inclusion of an accountant into alternative dispute resolution (ADR) saves time and reduces your company's financial burden.

In cases related to personal damages often complicated calculations of interests, damages and taxes are involved. The accountant as arbitrator helps in saving time as lawyers can explain issues effortlessly to a financial expert. It is also possible for the accountants to explain the matter under consideration easily to panel members helping them to make decisions much faster.

Advisory Brochure

Advisory Brochure

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