Feasibility Studies


Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility study represents the need for businessmen, businesswomen and any business organization to evaluate and determine if a given project is economically feasible. It is an integral part of the business process and is conducted to assist decision makers to assess and analyze all the implications of the proposed project with a focus on the potential impact, based upon which the organization decides if the project should be implemented or not. Feasibility studies are divided into market study, financial study and other related issues where profitability, liquidity, rate of return, payback of the expected investments are calculated & assessed.

Besides providing an in-depth analysis of a proposed project, its method of development and cost-benefit factors, the feasibility study also outlines alternatives, highlights new opportunities and addresses and mitigates matters that could affect the organization negatively. Internal rate of return, payback potential, profitability and other financial ratios are used to guide the organization to accept, reject or modify any potential project’s measures given the proposed assumptions for establishing such project.

How we help:

After taking into consideration the existing situation of the organization, our team of professionals creates and implements a program to help achieve long term business objectives. We provide commercial, technical and financial feasibility, with an aim to improving operational and financial growth of our client, our team formulates a comprehensive business plan to achieve and sustain profitable growth. We also assist entrepreneurs to perform extensive research on the prospects and developments of the project.

Services being offered:

  •    Business Planning
  •    Detailed market study 
  •    Financial and Transaction Services
  •    Forecasting information with presumed assumptions 
  •    Cash flow assessment 
  •    Project decision

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Advisory Brochure

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