Company Formation

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Company Formation

The Egyptian economy is clearly divided between the onshore sector, dominated by local business interests, without significant restrictions on foreign ownership, and the offshore sector that consists of a number of Free zones in various parts of the country.

The Government regulates economic activity in a very liberal concept. Various government authorities have created an environment that is well ordered without being unduly restrictive and offers operating conditions that are among the most liberal and attractive in the region. There are many options available to international and multinational companies and the advantages of having a presence in the Middle East are considerable.

The vast population of Egypt provides great opportunity for newly established business enterprises to acquire great demand for companies' products and services. Establishing business in Egypt is an excellent way to make significant profits after paying a low tax rates. Theoretical speaking procedures to establish companies in Egypt are considered simple and straightforward when they are accompanied with our expertise and experience for the best legal form of such business. 

Advantages of the companies in mainland:

  •    Low tax rates
  •    Easy tax inspection of the company tax returns
  •    Professional tax & audit services
  •    Low management costs and associated issues.

 Advantages of the companies in free zones:

  •    100% foreign ownership.
  •    100% corporate and personal income tax exemption.
  •    100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  •    Less expensive.
  •    Abundant and inexpensive energy.
  •    No currency restrictions.

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Advisory Brochure

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