RWT Crowe Corporate Succession

Gifting & Inheriting, Corporate Succession

Our highly qualified lawyers at RWT Anwaltskanzlei GmbH (law firm) and our Tax Consultants, including Specialist Consultants for Business Succession (DStV e. V.) advise private individuals, entrepreneurs and business successors in all areas of asset and business succession.

Our services

  • Anticipated Succession
  • Development of succession concepts
  • Tax-optimised transfer of businesses and company shareholdings
  • Restructuring of companies and groups of companies
  • Gifts of assets
  • Testaments
  • Marriage contracts and inheritance contracts
  • Waiver of inheritance agreements and compulsory portion waiver agreements
  • Foundation models
  • Arrangements to reduce inheritance and gift tax

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Your Contacts

Goetz, Stefan
Stefan Goetz
Partner / Managing Director / Attorney at Law (Germany), Auditor (Germany), Tax Advisor (Germany)
Kessler, Georg
Georg Kessler
Tax Advisor (Germany)