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IT Consulting

In order to keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation and digitization, companies inevitably need to turn their focus towards IT-based business models. Applying a company value-centered Change and Risk Management approach to this is of particular importance.

Our consulting team will meet the challenges of the digital world together with you. We take a holistic approach and consider your business processes, data and security requirements on our journey to running your processes and systems more securely and sustainably.

We serve as the interface between business departments, IT organizations and decision makers.

We are digital analysts, process consultants and target-oriented auditors.


Our Portfolio

We use a project-driven implementation approach based on value-centered Risk Management in order to better protect your company values while helping you optimize your business processes at the same time.

  • We assist you in building your custom-tailored and agile enterprise and (IT) risk management system and make a valuable contribution when it comes to managing your corporate and IT-risks.
  • By analyzing and auditing your processes, we identify vulnerabilities, provide you with more transparency about your systems (Cyber Security) and provide our recommen-dations to increase your company’s level of safety and protection.
  • We employ data analysis and process mining to optimize your business and IT-processes.
  • We set up Identity & Access Management Solutions, implement authorization concepts (SAP and Non-SAP), and design custom-tailored GRC solutions and methods in order to strengthen your internal control systems.

Our promise

1. Providing system audit capabilities to help companies to identify and handle IT and business risks and enable alignment with their strategic objectives (e.g. Enterprise Risk Management, Cyber Security).

2. Optimizing business and IT processes through data analytics to reduce risks in business operations (e.g. Internal Control System, Implementing Mitigation Controls) through establishment of proper Identity and Access Management tool, define Authorization Concept Design or GRC Implementation.

3. Implementation of suitable and agile risk management methods in order to gain transparency for securing company’s values (e.g. GDPR, ISO31000, ISO2700x, ITIL).

Our Services

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Cyber Security
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
IT Audit Services
Process Optimization
Individual Projects
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Cyber Security
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
IT Audit Services
Process Optimization
Individual Projects

Our Experts

Gawenda, Rafael Robert
Rafael Robert Gawenda
Geschäftsführer / Director
Mildenberger, Alexander
Alexander Mildenberger
Peter, Dirk
Dirk Peter
Managing Consultant / Head of Cyber Security
Schlotz, Benjamin
Benjamin Schlotz
Managing Consultant