Crowe IT Consulting Services

IT Audit Services

The core elements of our IT Audit Services include the periodic review of the implementation of business processes in IT systems, auditing in accordance with standards relevant for accounting and financial reporting, auditing of the internal control systems (COBIT, SOX, ICS, etc.) and the execution of annual audits.  

  • We audit IT systems based on the German IDW PS 330 or PS 860.
  • We offer the continuous auditing of ERP system implementation. projects as well as software developments in accordance with the German IDW PS 850.
  • We issue software certifica-tion based on the German IDW PS 880.
  • We offer IT Due Diligence.
  • We support your internal IT auditors.
  • We can help you to ensure compliance to the German GoBD.
  • We audit data migrations.
  • We analyze (transactional) mass data to help you with the identification of potential weaknesses.

Our Experts

Gawenda, Rafael Robert
Rafael Robert Gawenda
Geschäftsführer / Director
Peter, Dirk
Dirk Peter
Managing Consultant / Head of Cyber Security
Schlotz, Benjamin
Benjamin Schlotz
Managing Consultant