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Our experts resolve and handle complex tax and legal issues relating to the assignment of employees abroad.

We arrange the framework of conditions in a way that minimizes tax and legal risks and the costs of foreign assignments, both for the company and for the employees. Secure conditions are a prerequisite for convincing employees to accept expatriate posts or other foreign assignments.

Consulting from a single source with local experts, worldwide
Our tax experts and the attorneys of RWT Anwaltskanzlei (law firm) work closely together to create comprehensive, optimal solutions. You can benefit from a central contact person in this context.

To resolve all tax and legal issues abroad, we consult local experts from our Crowe Global network, who are also available as local advisors and contacts.

In particular, we advise German companies (assignment of employees abroad), foreign companies (assignment of employees in Germany), and expatriates (in Germany and abroad) on the following topics:

  • the assignment of employees to foreign offices, subsidiaries or in the context of foreign projects,
  • international business trips,
  • the employment of locals on site.

Our services


Tax and social security
  • Payroll tax and social security contributions for expatriates in Germany and abroad
  • Avoiding employer liability risks with regard to payroll tax and social security
  • Payroll accounting service for foreign employers (in Germany and abroad)
  • Avoiding or planning the establishment of business branches by employees abroad
  • Avoiding or planning the international relocation of operations through employees abroad
  • Tax-optimized remuneration systems: contract and/or salary splitting, etc.
  • Tax consulting for expatriates in Germany and abroad
  • Insurance coverage for family members of expatriates
Employment law and right of residence
  • Employment contracts with expatriates
  • Assignment contracts with expatriates
  • Requirements under aliens law concerning assignments
  • Right of residence/work permit/visa
  • Assignment guidelines

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Haege, Claudia
Claudia Haege
Partner / Tax Advisor (Germany) / Head of Global Mobility Services