Audit services

Audit services

The regulatory requirements associated with the areas of accounting, transparency and risk management are steadily increasing in the complex world of business. We would be pleased to provide you with competent and advisory support. In this challenging environment, auditing is not merely examining and confirming the regularity of the annual financial statements. Together with you we identify the risks prevailing in your company and business environment.

We offer you the entire range of auditing services – annual, interim or consolidated financial statements in accordance with national or international standards, audit reviews of documents, special audits or support in negotiating contracts.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary concept, we always keep our sights focused on both the actual audit and an advisory approach, from a legal and a tax perspective, whereby short communication channels in our business give us direct access to specialists in other areas so we can offer you added value and auditing services.

Team continuity and long-term contacts safeguard an optimal flow of information while permitting multidisciplinary support.
Annual and consolidated financial statement
By means of annual and consolidated financial statement audits, we support you in complying with regulatory requirements on the one hand while on the other hand, we can use the information obtained on your company and our extensive multidisciplinary experience to identify risks in your environment, realising the opportunities offered by taxation or corporate law, thereby creating added value for your company.

Our range of services
We offer you the continuity of our auditing teams as well as solid experience when it comes to statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements in accordance with HGB, IFRS and US GAAP. In our auditing capacity, we regard ourselves as your partner with a constructive approach toward auditing. As a medium-sized company, employees at Crowe Hamburg understand your requirements. Accordingly, we cooperate with you to develop the very best auditing strategy and do everything we can to professionalize your accountancy and adapt it to your growth. When auditing international consolidated financial statements or even in your quest to enter foreign markets, we incorporate our partners in the international Crowe association where necessary in order to offer you fast, flexible and target-oriented solutions.
Audit reviews
Not all financial statements are subject to statutory audit requirements. One such example is presented by monthly, quarterly or half-yearly accounts which can contain information of major significance for investors. With the aim of increasing confidence in information contained in such reports, it is possible to have us undertake a critical appraisal based on plausibility assessments.

Our range of services
By this assessment we increase the reliability and informative value of accounts without examining the financial reports in as intensive a manner as for a comprehensive audit and without putting intensive strain on your accounting department.
Preparation of financial statements
Annual financial statements are a decision-making tool for investors. High-quality, meaningful and transparent annual financial statements in accordance with commercial law principles and the regulations of the articles of association are therefore a key instrument of corporate communication.

Our range of services
On the basis of your accounting system, we draw up the relevant information including the corresponding compilation reports. Owing to our extensive auditing experience, you benefit from our expertise in a wide variety of accounting systems and system requirements. We provide companies disclosing their annual financial statements in the electronic company register with comprehensive advice on all disclosure matters or even handle disclosure for them.
Special audits and other attestation services

Apart from auditing annual financial statements, the legislator deems assessment by an auditor necessary in complex constellations of the economy. This aims to satisfy the interests of various stakeholders in a company such as lenders, shareholders, the financial market and others. Such a multitude of issues of both broad and individual relevance demands auditing expertise.

Our range of services

  • Special audits in accordance with laws governing stock corporations, private limited companies and transformation
    • Assessing the recoverability of assets in kind during setup and capital increase
    • Reviewing affiliation agreements
    • Appropriateness tests of cash settlements during squeeze-out procedures
  • Attestation services for corporate transactions
    • Reviewing pro-forma financial information
    • Drawing up comfort letters for capital measures

  • Other attestation services
    • Auditing the regularity of management processes in accordance with section 53 HGrG
    • Audits according to Real Estate Brokers and Commercial Builder Law
    • Audits according to the Banking and Securities Trading Act
    • Tests for the application of funds
    • Audits according to the Combined Heat and Power Act and EEG
    • Audits according to Packaging Directives (DSD audits)
Accounting compliance

Accounting compliance depicts the economic activities of a company, whereby we aim to support you in achieving your goal of supplying information of decision relevance for operative business – fast and at low costs.

Our range of services

  • Payroll accounting and current accounting
  • Preparing total balance overviews, reconciliation of accounts, data acquisition and analysis tasks
  • Transition from consolidated financial statements to local accounting and vice versa
  • Transition to tax accounting