Warning about scam messages from hackers 

Jiří Šindelář
The Financial Administration warned on its website that there is currently an increased number of sending fraudulent messages with the aim of luring money from tax subjects.

We would like to inform you briefly that information has appeared on the website of the Financial Administration regarding the sending of fraudulent text messages that appear to be sent by a state authority. These messages are intended to convince the recipient to click on the attached link. After the redirection, a page will appear that is very similar to the official site and tries to lure login details and password (see screen shot below) to Internet banking.


In case you clicked on a link and entered any data:

  • do not forward or paste any other SMS with codes from the bank,
  • if possible, log in to your banking and change your password,
  • contact your bank immediately, describe the problem and ask for help with securing your banking access data.


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