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The Czech Republic is a country with strong fundamentals, mainly in industries such as engineering, metallurgical, construction, or food industry. Our economy continues to grow and has managed to maintain its own stability since 1991.

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Why is it worth investing in Czech Republic?

Strategic location

The Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe and one of the biggest advantages is its location, thanks to which is accessible from all the main communication routes. Also, Brno city is often referred to as a „Silicon Valley in the heart of Europe“ thanks to many IT startup projects and progressive research and development sectors. The city is also ranked as the 22nd most attractive city in the world to IT talents.

Market potential

The Czech Republic has 10,69 million inhabitants and its economy has traditionally been one of the most developed in Europe. Also, our GDP reaches the level of the most developed countries in the world.

Investment incentives

Such as governmental grants, special economic zones, real estate tax exemptions, support for R&D activity etc.

Stable economy

Czech Republic’s economy, as well as its currency, remains stable throughout recent years. Unemployment rate with its 4,57% in January 2023 is the lowest throughout Europe.

Human capital

Well-educated specialists in the fields of economics, science, IT with proficiency in foreign languages.

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