Eva Pešková joined our Crowe team!

Barbora Veselá

We are pleased to introduce you our new Crowe HR Manager Eva Pešková. Eva grew up in a Servodata company, starting as an assistant, working most of her career as HR director and COO, become a Board member. Her role in our company is to be a leader of the local HR department. Areas which she will cover combine internal HR activities with the HR advisory services.

Eva is also a great and inspiring coach. She believes that for everyone exists an ideal work, it is just necessary to find it. Therefore for a long time she is helping her clients to fulfill their dreams, both in their professional and personal life. As a coach she is focused mainly on the Gestalt psychology, an attempt to understand the laws behind the ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world.

In her personal life Eva is a passionate traveler. She is a “big fan” of Sri Lanka where spends a lot of time together with her family and especially a little grandson - another great hobby of Eva!

Because of her strong career background we are very looking forward to her progressive, innovative and professional approach and contribution to our company. 

Eva joined our company at the beginning of this month, however she already became a strong and indispensable member of our Crowe team.


Barbora Vesela
Barbora Veselá
Crowe news editor