Log-book 12-1-2020

3rd Lesson: Nothing is stable in the universe

Petra Štogrová Jedličková

In my last blog I explained why it is right to go straight for your goal, to keep the course and speed you want, because

  1. nothing is as terrible as it looks at first
  2. the sea (and the market) are big and we all fit in there and
  3. it is not good to be scared by some crisis on the horizon, because a rushed change of the course will cost you time (= money).

If you go directly to your destination, others will make a way. But this has one important condition, which is the need to constantly monitor, measure distances and speed, calculate, evaluate and think. Everything is moving, boats, water, and the sky, and therefore it is not possible to fix on certain point and think that it is really unchangeable. I made such a mistake once. It was a night in the middle of the ocean, an overcast sky, nothing was visible, so I desperately grabbed at least one of the more prominent stars, the only one at least a little visible and steered by it. After some time, of course, it turned out that the star was moving in the sky and thus my course was wrong. All relations are relative - just like at sea - business is changing markets, firms, moods, flows ... and therefore to build a fixed target and follow it at a constant rate and speed at all times, you for sure (at least at sea completely certainly) will deviate off target. Such a deviation from the goal can mean that not only will you not get what you wanted, but you will end up completely out of game where it does not matter that it was "only" a few degrees.

Today's navigation tools contain knowledge and rules that have been passed down for centuries. These were, in particular, calculations of the position of objects in the sky relative to the ship and the time of measurement, which made it possible to navigate in the middle of the open sea, not to get lost and to hit the desired target. At the time of colonization, it was a strictly guarded wisdom, because whoever had it could find and conquer new territories - and this de facto decided to spread the forces for years to come.

Today we have a huge advantage in that the very valuable knowledge for navigation (not only at sea but also in business) is not hidden at the cost of death, but rather openly shared. We all have the chance not to re-discover America, but to conquer completely new territories in the world of business, innovation and development. If you have your goal that you are pursuing, do not forget to constantly study, listen, question, measure, calculate and think …and tighten the sails to be there first!