gobiernos corporativo

Corporate Governance and SMEs

Sergio Bascuñan
gobiernos corporativo

There is still the idea that an SME should deal with strategic issues only when faced with a crisis, but most of the problems can be addressed in advance and in a serious, solid and timely manner with the establishment of an advisory body that includes advice Experienced and independent that supports the implementation of a strategic plan, including the convenience and importance of the preparation of budgets and business projections over time. Thus, Corporate Governance can provide the SME with greater and better control over the way it operates. it will allow you to grow in a structured and safe way and also compete with large companies. Probably for many administrators and business owners corporate governance is a very distant term and alien to their daily reality, which is mainly associated with the work of large companies and that does not represent concrete benefits, but more expenses.

However, international experience says otherwise. At present, most of the projects in the United States, regardless of their size, are structured with a corporate governance model that includes the formation of a board of directors and independent advisors to take on specific tasks, such as defining roles and responsibilities. within the organization. This has allowed them to project responsibility and transparency that makes them attractive for investors, facilitates access to external financing and also allows them to have expert and independent advice from the first minute, reducing the risks of their administration.

It has been proven that having a corporate governance model in a company, regardless of its size, promotes transparency and helps to make structured and solid decisions, which reduces business risks, thereby achieving more and better sales. Therefore, the immediate challenge is not only the diffusion of the benefits of the implementation of corporate governance in SMEs but also the need to accompany their managers or owners in the process of understanding their benefits before any attempt to implement them. intervene in their companies.