We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, focusing on understanding their points of view, needs and objectives. The result of this lasting and close relationship are innovative business solutions designed for the client, which optimize the exposure to risk and ensure effective accounting strategies, even within the most competitive industries.

Our experience covers a wide range of companies, mainly from the private sector, including branches, subsidiaries and subsidiaries of foreign companies that participate in almost all types of commercial activities, such as:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Building
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Real Estate Services
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
  • Health services
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Telecommunications and Technology
  • Public Administration and Government
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Farming
  • Electricity, gas and water
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Automotive industry
  • Food and drinks
  • Chemical, Oil, Rubber and Plastic
  • Mining
  • Cellulose, paper and printing
  • Textile and clothing