Financial balancing act

COVID-19: Liquidity support for companies

Finacial support for companies by Swiss government

Denis Kuschnig
Financial balancing act
The current situaion requires immediate measures

As a result of the shutdown and decline in demand, many companies have constantly decreasing liquidity despite short-time working compensation for their running costs. A package of complementary measures is designed to prevent fundamentally solvent companies from encountering difficulties.

Bridging loans with government guarantee

Bridging loans with a government guarantee can be taken out quickly and without administrative expense. The repayment period amounts to five years with an optional extension of two years ( hard cases).

There are two types of government-guaranteed loans, which can be applied for up to 10% of annual turnover:

  1. COVID19-KREDIT: Credit volume up to CHF 500,000 - interest-free - payout within 15 minutes
  2. COVID19-KREDIT-PLUS: Credit volume up to CHF 20 million - 0.5% annual interest rate - government guarantee of 85%. The loan is handled by the company's preferred bank.

The currently applicable interest rates are variable and may be adjusted by the Federal Government. In addition, taking out a COVID19 loan leads to certain restrictions in the entrepreneurial freedom of action, such as a ban on dividends and similar.

Special rules apply to companies with a turnover of more than 500 million.


Deferred payment of social security contributions, corporate income tax and value added tax

As a further measure to prevent liquidity problems, payment periods for social security contributions, corporate income tax and VAT can be extended without incurring interest on defaults.


Conclusion & practice experience

Loan applications are processed extremely quickly and the loans are usually paid out the next working day, the current time record is nearly 30 minutes.

If you have any questions about the liquidity support, our team will be glad to assist you at any time.


Raphael Gaudin
Raphael Gaudin
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Hansjürg Szadrowsky
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