Bookkeeping & Outsourcing

We support our clients in their day-to-day business with tailor made outsourced solutions – focused and with competence.

Service overview

The accounting is providing a wide range of financial information, required by the management, shareholders, authorities and other stakeholders. Sometime, it is not meaningful or not possible to maintain in-house the comprehensive competence, infrastructure and expertise required to keep the books and financial reports compliant.


Take the advantage by making use of our expertise and infrastructure and make sure that your financial reports are compliant with the required standards.


We can take care of your financial accounts comprehensively or partially, right to the needs you will define.


Salary processing is subject to special confidentiality in many companies. Social Security, Labor Law, Withholding Tax, Immigration, Work Permits, the bilateral agreement on the free movement of persons - these are all keywords whose underlying laws we are experienced in.


By outsourcing your payroll administration, the confidentiality of the information and the conformity of the payroll processing is ensured. Redundancy and on-time processing are a matter of course for us.


Service Summary:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Company Administration


Hansjürg Szadrowsky
Hansjürg Szadrowsky
Certified Tax Expert, Partner
Curator & Horwath AG
Raphael Gaudin
Raphael Gaudin
Certified Fiduciary, MAS UAS in Fiduciary and Consulting, Partner
Curator & Horwath AG