Tax Consulting

  • Issues related to Individuals
  • Succession planning and valuation in inheritance or donation cases.
  • Preparation of tax appraisals in judicial, inheritance and marriage division cases.
  • Negotiation of lump-sum taxations.
  • General tax consulting and assistance in the preparation of individual annual tax returns.


  • Special Mandates
  • Appealing litigation cases.
  • Negotiation with the different federal, cantonal and communal tax authorities in tax and tax holiday issues.
  • Assistance in the sale of real estate with particular regard to capital gains.
  • Assistance in the organisation of special tax procedures (e.g. tax at source, cantonal tax duty and value added tax) and of social insurance procedures (Old-age and Survivors’ Insurance, Pension Plan and private insurances) with a particular focus on the introduction of the new salary certificate 2007.