About Us

About Us

S&A Tax & Audit

The quality and experience of a big international consulting and auditing company contained within a local entity ensuring a high degree of sensitivity to each client’s particular need.
Member of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax

Experience and specialised local and national knowledge are combined with an international perspective on each specific problem.

Focus on providing an effective solution to each problem based on an integrated approach.

Understanding and regard for the particular needs and objective of each client.

Our team members have worked for large international consulting firms allowing them to develop their specialist knowledge.

Our specialists have been educated at some of the top Swiss universities and have completed federal specialisation diplomas in tax, audit and accountancy.

Our specialists skills are certified by the following diplomas / authorisations:

  • Recognition as audit experts
  • Chartered tax expert diplomas
  • Certified public accountant diplomas
  • Federal certificates as Specialist in Finance and Accounting
  • Degrees in Economics achieved in different national linguistic areas
  • Authorisations to act as commercial expert issued by the Republic of Canton Ticino.
  • Authorisations to act as real estate expert issued by the Republic of Canton Ticino.