Business Receipt Tax

We supports businesses to navigate the tax environment 
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Our Services Includes

Business Receipts Tax (BRT) is a tax collected from total income (from sales or services), before any deductions, of legal persons who provide goods and services in exchange for payment (in either money or in goods and/or services). BRT is also imposed on natural persons (individuals) in certain circumstances. The Income Tax Act 2009 of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan simplified Business Receipts Tax by exempting many items previously taxed and reduced the rate on most taxable income, with some exceptions.

Our taxation team at Crowe Horwath - Afghanistan supports businesses to navigate the tax environment and provide solutions which suit their business model as well as industry. The team consists of taxation experts from our international and local offices with decades of combined experiences. This combination gives the advantage for our clients, both local and multinational, to have the global approach in the service delivery. In addition, with the “in-house” experiences from most of our team members, the client can assure that our approach will be more business oriented rather than theoretical. The range of our end-to-end taxation services is:

  • Calculate of review calculation of Business Receipt Tax
  • Tailor made BRT workshop per industry
  • Support in BRT return filing
  • Dealing with queries from the tax authorities
  • Tax optimization