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Transaction Advisory Services 
Services Offered
Management consulting 
Customer engagement 
Project feasibility and launch
Supply chain management 
Industry knowhow, Data and insights  
Market entry strategy
Strategic business plans 
Deal Advisory 
     o   Fund raises 
     o   Mergers & Acquisition Advisory 
     o   Valuation, Due Diligence 
     o   Business restructuring 
     o   Debt restructuring 
     o   Turnaround
Audit & Assurance Services
Around the world, the journey to success is governed by increasingly complex and broadening regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands. Strong independent assurance provides critical information for investors and other stakeholders, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and timely and constructive input to management.
Statutory Audit 
Accounting and Financial Reporting 
Internal Audit 
Assurance and Related Services Engagements
Assessments, Surveys & Evaluations
Services Offered:

Research Studies
Monitoring & Evaluation
Third Party Evaluation
Mid Term Review
End of Phase Evaluation
Impact Assessments
Sector Assessments
Institutional Assessments
Health Assessments
Gender Needs Assessments
Training Needs Assessments
Project Management 
Services Offered
Project Design, Implementation & Evaluation
IT Support & Media Management
Logistics & Operations Management
Compliance Services
Services offered:

Doing business in Afghanistan & overseas
Business License Registration, Amendment & Renewal 
Work Permit 
Foreign Registration Card 
Weapon Permit  
Institutional Development & Capacity Building Services
Services Offered:
Strategy, Frameworks, Manuals, SOPs, Policies & Procedures Development
Organizational Development & Restructuring
Capacity Buildings &Trainings
Financial Management
HR Management
     o      Payroll Services
     o      Employment Service 
Taxation Services
Tax regulations are dynamic and ever changing to accommodate global trends. Globalization requires adapting to the existing practices globally and locally. Developing a lasting relationship starts by building value for you. In good times and through challenges, Crowe Horwath - Afghanistan is your resource for knowledge, experience, and a strategy focused on using innovative tax technology solutions to help ease compliance and improve efficiency and tax cash flow.

You can count on the support and objective perspective of our tax professionals to help you target areas to reduce tax burden and increase shareholder value. By applying proactive approaches, we can help businesses and private clients make sense of continually evolving issues related to federal. state and local, and international tax laws. And we take advantage of the latest technology solutions to streamline processes.

As professional’s we have experienced staff and procedures to manage and monitor the acceptance, planning, performance and review of tax related work. We will help you in implementing strategies that will minimize your tax risks/exposures and result in minimized cost compliance with laws related to tax.
Services we offer:
Calculation and Remitting of Monthly Withholding Taxes
Calculation and Remitting of Quarterly Business Receipt Tax (BRT)
Calculation and Remitting, Submission of Annual Income Tax Return (AITR)
Tax Exemption Letter  
Interpretation of taxation laws (Opinion) 
Representation in relevant tax offices 
Tax Due Diligence 
Dispute Resolution and Controversies
International Tax 

•.     Tax opinions

•.     Industry specific taxes

Risk Consulting Services
How organizations manage their risk today will define their competitive position tomorrow. We offer integrated, objective advisory services that are designed to help you make better decisions about how you strategically manage risk and mitigation procedures.
Risk Assurance covers all risk services where CHA is providing independent assurance and the preparation towards assurance to our clients where the assurance can be used by our clients to build confidence and trust with their customers, the general market/public, key stakeholders or when regulatory (by law or oversight) or contractually required.
We can help with:
  • Working with Audit professionals to help create trust and confidence in their financial reporting and internal control over financial reporting
  • Business growth, by providing assurance to clients and other stakeholders related to internal controls
  • Business improvement, by assessing risks and controls related to business imperatives, such as launching new products/services, implementing new technologies or remediating control issues
  • Providing industry/sector insights and thought leadership with a focus on risk and control matters
Because of the vast number of regulatory guidelines for compliance, it can be easy for business owners to find themselves in violation, leaving their companies open to stiff penalties and even dissolution. Therefore, having a complete and thorough understanding of corporate compliance is crucial to protecting your business for the years to come.
At Crowe Horwath Afghanistan, we understand that compliance requirements can be complex, and business owners may be aware about the latest rules and regulations but finds it difficult to implement or keep track of changes in laws and regulations. Our objective is to contribute to recognizing the need for action, help you create an imperative towards greater compliance, and protect your business’ legal and financial standing. After all, when it comes to non-compliance issues, ignorance of the law is no defense.
We offer appropriate, tailored, transparent and easy-to-understand compliance advice that provides a sense of comfort, knowing that your business is running without the risk of non-compliance issues.
In dealing the risk assessment and its related impacts and mitigation techniques we provide services to ensure following risks;
Regulatory and Compliance Risk
Enterprise Risk
Technology Risk
Fraud Investigation and Forensic
Business and Operational Risk