NetSuite for staffing agencies 

Streamline your processes and increase profitability

Staffing agencies are great with people but struggle with profits 

Placing the perfect candidate in a role is a lot of work – you shouldn’t have to worry about the accuracy of your invoices, timesheets, and billing, too. If you’re still relying on manual inputs to provide real-time data, transitioning to an automated staffing solution can help.

NetSuite created SuiteSuccess to manage all the pieces of a staffing agency in a single system. The platform offers increased efficiency and flexibility through automation. But after working alongside many agencies, our team at Crowe recognized the need for additional support. That’s why we created the Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite –
a specialized functionality built to work with NetSuite SuiteSuccess to help streamline processes to maximize your profits.

Maximize profitability with Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite

Staffing agencies have a lot of moving pieces that drive up labor costs and slow down billing. To become profitable, these pieces need to work in harmony. 

Integrate applicant tracking

Integrate applicant tracking

View payroll, billing, invoicing, 1099s, and management of permanent and temporary employees all in one place. 

Analyze costs and margins

Easily examine monthly liabilities and third-party resource costs by vendor, job, or client. 

Analyze costs and margins
Redirect time and effort

Redirect time and effort

Find opportunities through automation so employees can focus on higher-value initiatives and generate more revenue.

Industry-specific technology helps you solve your biggest challenges 

The Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite does more than improve processes, it includes features and functionality designed specifically for the staffing industry.

Security Awareness
Provide regular knowledge and training sessions for employees to raise security awareness.

NESA Progress Reviews
Perform periodic evaluations of NES implementation progress reviews.

Increase profitability with NetSuite for staffing firms and Crowe  

Crowe is an accounting, consulting, and technology firm with deep industry specialization that has allowed us to implement NetSuite many times over for clients across the globe. Our team has vast experience working with agencies just like yours to find their way into the digital world. And, in doing so, we’ve realized the need for the Crowe Staffing Accelerator. It takes all of the benefits of NetSuite and focuses them even more on the staffing industry.


Let us show you how Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite can help.

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