Corporate Finance

As businesses grow and mature, financial advisory requirements and complexity increase with time to ensure smooth running of the business, its operations, exploit opportunities as they arise, ensure organic/ in-organic growth through M&A and carry out long term investment plans.

There also may be a pressing need to widen the investor base, make divestments or disposal of surplus assets, re-financing debt to an acceptable level, and or restructure the finance and corporate legal structure. These changes once implemented, generally lead to an optimum capital structure, strengthens the internal control framework, streamline business processes, create commercial  synergies, and reduction in costs; thus, leveraging the flexibility and head room provided by new credit facilities and other lines of credit at lower costs.

We can assist in renegotiating the bank credit lines at lower costs with longer tenors, for financing of assets, working capital, terms loans and/or revolving credit lines,  and search for an equity investor, as per client requirements.

Why choose CROWE UAE for your business needs? 

1.    Expertise - Our team of highly skilled financial professionals brings years of experience in corporate finance and a deep understanding of various industries.

2 .Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to suit client specific needs and objectives, providing a personalized touch to financial management.

3.    Industry Insights: We keep abreast of industry trends and market developments, allowing us to provide you with strategic financial guidance.

4.   Result-Oriented: Our focus is on delivering measurable results that contribute to your company's overall success.

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