Corporate Transformation and Restructuring

Businesses go through constant challenges in this dynamic and ever changing world. Besides mega world events such as Digital technology, financial crisis and Covid 19 pandemics which impacts almost all the businesses, ongoing challenges such as new competitions, falling margins, rising costs and liquidity crunch  require an agile process of identifying, reviewing, making choices and implementing new course of actions. .  Those who recognize and transform, and restructure stand a better chance of not only survival but exceling under such circumstance. An agile executive management team or owner is always keen to  find the solutions but are often hindered with  daily fire fighting or its own bias based on own, often useful, experiences and knowledges. Even if right venues for change or performance improvements are identified, majority do not succeed in implementation, mainly due to existing processes/resources-which often are the causes of problem- and a general lack of aversion to change.

Under such circumstances an independent professional support is needed to steer the business through this transformation. We provide hands on support to its cleints from Advisory to Execution through a simple five steps process as follows:

Advisory to Execution-Crowe-Uae


Liquidity and Debt Restructuring

This is by far the most urgent and severe challenge being faced particularly by the SMEs.  We provide appropriate solutions in form of short and long term reliable cashflows forecasts,  identifying relevant financial sources and  negotiate/restructure on your behalf to avail such opportunities. If required, we   also provide useful insight and plans for Protective Composition Procedure (PCP) under the debtors protection laws in UAE.

Hedging Strategy and Frameworks.

Improper hedging strategy and framework can have devastating financial impact. Our expertise in this area addresses the challenges by providing appropriate hedging solutions and process.