Coming out strong from the current crisis


When a crisis strikes, the initiating incident cascades quickly into many issues with serious business consequences and impact could have serious implication on the continuity of the business. In these viral situations, companies need experienced professionals to provide financial and strategic advice. Crowe uses their experience to mitigate these immediate multiple challenges, such as liquidity, credit, operational risk and accounting estimates for the longer-term sustainable benefits.

We stand out among the top 8 network firms in accounting and consulting globally. Our clients seek broad range of services from us to navigate through the crisis situation, ranging from:

  • Cyber security Our team of cyber-specialists are well equipped at the practice of protecting business systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from businesses; or interrupting normal business processes. Our global network allows us to offer a distinct perspective into the nuances of cyber crime, industry trends, and the application of technology-enabled solutions. This enables us to address your cyber strategies and resilience and to protect you and your customers.
  • Cash flow management We aid in routinizing the cash flow process and minimizing the time and involvement of the company’s management into routine, mundane process thus increasing business efficiency. Our consultants can help you in devising a private business plan for your organizations and the structure of the economic model for your business for sustainable growth.
  • Receivables management When dealing with receivables, we have one aim: to turn our clients losses into profits. We assist organizations to be more efficient by increasing their cash flow in a lesser span of time than they have done before. Our purpose is to keep their receivables generating cash.
  • Operational and debt restructuring Operational and debt restructuring provides a goal to extend the scope of action for a firm and to provide confidence to its vast array of stakeholders, by assisting to solve the issues arising from suboptimal performance. Our specialist consultants work close with you to find areas of cash flow improvement. They also assist in minimizing the risk of default on existing debt and improve or restore liquidity to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Fraud assessment and investigationsDuring a slowdown, the risk of frauds increases, and organizations should be prepared to not face by another shock such as frauds. Our Fraud & Forensic Team are equipped with the right experience, tools & techniques to assist your organization in preventing, detecting and investigating frauds.
  • Carved out accounting and financial projections We assist in carving out the financial statement and or projections for selling out part of business to release the liquidity, for the company to be able to sustain in the current situation. We provide development of both short-and mid-term strategic and financial planning.
  • Realignment of business strategyCompanies should constantly evaluate and update their business strategies to be in-line with current market trends. They need to align with internal and external business environment. We provide an effective realignment of business strategies by linking them with the organization’s resources, external environment and current market trend and demands which enables higher performance by optimizing the contributions of the workforce, procedures and processes, and inputs to the realization of measurable objectives. Realignment and evaluation of business strategies minimizes the waste and misdirection of effort and resources towards ineffective purposes.
  • Secondment of financial resourcesDuring critical times, businesses often struggle of having adequate resources to manage operations and provide deliverables efficiently. We offer the opportunity to provide skilled and competent individuals on a secondment basis who meet the company’s evolving needs. This is performed without the task of creating any full time positions which simultaneously helps in saving time and effort and reducing administration costs.

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