Tax Agent Final


Tax Agents/ Agencies who are approved by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of UAE

The concept of Tax Agent is to help businesses to be compliant in respect of their tax obligations:

  • A person is allowed to appoint another person(s) as its Tax Agent(s) to act in his name and on his behalf with regards to his tax affairs with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).
  • A Tax Agent assists the person in the fulfilment of his tax obligations and the exercise of his associated tax rights.

A Tax Agent is usually engaged by his or her clients through the Tax Agency with which he or she is associated in order to provide tax related services which could include:

  • Preparing and submitting tax returns to the FTA on behalf of the businesses.
  • Facilitate and offer assistance during a Tax Audit, both during and after the expiry of the agency engagement or your dismissal as the Tax Agent for that Taxable Person(s).
  • Provide the FTA with all the information, documents, records and data required for any Taxable Person represented by the Tax Agent upon the FTA's request.
  • Helping the businesses register with the FTA.
  • Maintaining tax related records and/or information.
  • Enquiring about tax related matters with the FTA. and
  • Submitting requests for reconsideration of decisions issued by the FTA.



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