Outsourced Risk Officer For a Regulated Entity-DIFC

Outsourced Risk Officer For a Regulated Entity-DIFC


Companies regulated by the DFSA are required to have a Risk Officer with relevant experience to over-see Enterprise-wide Risk Management framework and compliance with the DFSA regulations.

Tasks performed by the Risk Officer:

  • Advising the Board and senior management in risk management, and assisting them in assessment of risks;
  • Establishing internal risk policy and structures for business units;
  • Supporting compliance function in regulatory/compliance risk management including building second level controls (“bottom-up” controls) and creating risk awareness; and
  • Responsible for the operational risk management function within the Firm.

Why should you hire an Outsourced Risk Officer?

Having an outsourced Risk Officer means that your company can focus on core business activities without worrying about the regulatory requirements and obligations that Regulated companies are subject to. Moreover, it is much more cost effective and efficient. At Crowe, we have established well developed relationships with many of our clients as their trusted choice for outsourced Risk Officer.

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