Focus - vol. 90

Expert opinions on current management strategies, economic paradigms and developments in global industries

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Articles in this edition
  • 100% foreign ownership for specific onshore business
  • Business re-engineering
  • Being on the receiving end…….for a change!
  • Data breaches and auditing internal controls – The need for a closer audit partnership
  • Tax agency
  • Impairment of financial assets
100% foreign ownership for specific onshore business

Foreign investors in the UAE are looking forward to 2019 with much optimism as an important revision on investment policies has been recently announced by the UAE government.

UAE will now allow 100% foreign ownership to foreign investors for specific onshore businesses, aiming to boost major global corporations to invest in the UAE’s market.

It is known to many that investors who wish to establish their businesses in UAE may only hold 49% stake of the total investment while the other 51% must be co-shared with a local national shareholder. This is of course with the exclusion of companies which are under the free zone authorities (offshore).

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